5 tips for more authentic communication as a brand

Authentic communication is the cornerstone of growing healthy relationships – whether personal or professional. It involves being your best, true self, and understanding what motivates others to build an atmosphere of trust, says Achieving this level of trust and rapport is key to building a steady consumer base for your business. However while many Read More


4 simple tips to create a strong brand voice

“Oh, I’m just here as the intern.” That’s how a past marketing intern of mine introduced herself when I brought her into her first meeting, a touchpoint with a key vendor partner. She said it quietly, a deflective response to the large man’s hand extended to shake hers, choosing to instead remain hunched protectively in Read More


3 keys to aligning your content strategy with customers

I just deleted yet another sales email from my inbox following a format I see multiple times a day. Despite being from companies that span widely different industries, their email campaign messages all read the same – and all get immediately deleted by the time I’ve scanned a few words. Why? They’re telling me what Read More